Daisy Peel

Daisy has many national and international agility accomplishments under her belt. She's been a World Team member three times and an FCI World Team member three times; she's been a National Champion four times and a Regional Champion five times; she's been a Nationals Finalist more than 20 times; and she's been a three-time Americas and Caribbean International Champion.

In 2007, Daisy won the AKC National Championships with Jester; in 2009, she won the USDAA National Championships with Solar; and in 2010 she won both with Solar. Daisy is well known for her intense running style (including blind crosses), her positive attitude, her running contacts, her focus, and her attention to the technical and mental aspects of the game.Daisy is a sought-after presenter both nationally and internationally; her seminars are well received and worth attending, and we're thrilled to be able to host her at Peak Performance!!


Daisy Peel

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