Peak Performance Dog Sports

Peak Performance Dog Sports is located in Southern California on 2 1/2-acres in Chino, California.  Peak Performance Dog Sports is the new training center of nationally recognized agility trainer and competitor Stephanie Spyr.  Stephanie has over 15 years of teaching canine companions.   Her methods include clicker training and positive reinforcement.  Stephanie’s extensive background includes fundamental training through the top level agility competitor.  As a competitor, Stephanie has traveled across the U.S. and has represented the United States in International Agility Competitions. 

Peak Performance Dog Sports works with owners of all different breeds of dogs to help them to achieve their goals and build a better relationship with their dogs.  We offer a variety of classes year-round.  In addition to classes, we offer Private, Semi-Private Lessons and Seminars. 

New!!  Foundation Class

Puppy class starting soon!!  If you are interested, contact Stephanie at   This class is for puppies and young dogs with little or no agility training.  We will be covering such topics as: balance work, attention and focus, play interaction and basic obedience commands.  Sign Up Now!! 
11511 Yorba Ave Chino, Ca 91710

SmallBatch Raw Food

Peak Performance Dog Sports now offers Smallbatch Frozen Raw Dog food!  Smallbatch uses organic vegetables and meats from animals that have been certified “humanely and sustainably raised” from local farms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Area, CA).  Frozen food products cannot be ordered through.  We believe that THE best dog food for your performance dog is a raw diet based on human grade meats, bone, and a small amount of fruits and vegetables.  Raw meat provides the protein and fats that performance dogs use every day.  A high protein diet allows for tissue repair – performance dogs use ALOT of protein.  High fat gives energy. Unlike humans who use carbohydrates for primary energy, dogs use fat.   A raw diet gives the dog what they really need; high quality proteins and fat.  Even the best kibble foods are made up primarily of carbohydrates, unnecessary for our carnivore companions.  Smallbatch is committed to providing extremely high quality food based on animal meats raised in a humane and sustainable manner and vegetables provided from local organic farms.   Smallbatch offers very simple formulas based on single meat proteins (suitable for pets with allergies or on elimination diets) as well as formulas including organic vegetables.  Peak Performance Dog Sports currently offers Smallbatch in the following flavors: Chicken batch, beef batch and duck batch.  These are complete and balanced diets.  All flavors include ground bone in the appropriate quantities and are sold in two pound chubs.  Smallbatch products do not contain any preservatives, sugar, dyes, cereal grains, fillers or chemicals.  Frozen foods may not be ordered through the website. For a complete list of ingredients, check out

You can contact Stephanie at or call 1-310-753-7041 to place your order today.

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