Agility Classes


Classes are held during the day and in the evening, Monday through Friday.

All students must fill out the two forms below and bring them to class prior to starting.

Studentppds LiabilityPPDS
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Private lessons
Available by arrangement.

Email to start agility training classes. 

Agility class schedule 
(5 students)                           
1 hour = $25.00
6 weeks = $150.00


10 AM - 11AM
5 PM - 6 PM
6 PM - 7 PM
7 PM - 8 PM
8 PM - 9 PM


9 AM - 10 AM
10 AM - 11 AM
7 PM - 8 PM


6 PM - 7 PM
7 PM - 8 PM
8 PM - 9 PM

If you are new to agility please check out these website for more information:

Kathy Moore’s Obedience Ring/Distraction Class

Intended for dogs that have completed beginning open obedience training and have a CD title.

Will cover: ring procedures, handling techniques, common distractions, motivation and more.

Chances to try exercises in a ring-like situation with feedback and suggestions for improvement.  Each student will be given the distraction level appropriate for their dog and will work exercises that their team need help with.  Will work on at least 2 exercises from Open or Utility per team at each class meeting.

Cost $160 for 6 weeks

Limited class size of 6.

Thursday pm, Tuesday and Thursday am

Contact Kathy Moore to enroll or with questions.

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For All Classes


Enter the driveway – drive through the first double gates next to the house.  Park on left on cement – cars face fence on north side of property.


Dog Potty Rules: 

Please keep dogs on leash while walking around.   Donʼt let your dog go up to fences that contain dogs, this could encourage misbehavior.  No dogs may use any man-made items (fences, poles) as potty areas – trees and shrubs are fine.  Grass is not a bathroom area –you must water in any accidents.  Please potty dogs on dirt or bushes and pick-up after your dog.  Thank you for keeping the area nice for everyone.


Crates will be provided under cover.  There are hoses and tub for dogs.  Barking kept to minimum please.


If the brown wrought iron double gate in front is closed when you arrive, please wait until someone comes and opens the gate.

Please close all other gates behind you as you move through the property.

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